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SMART content that delivers an immersive experience for innovative marketing, branding, and advertising campaigns.


We initiate every digital deployment by outlining desired goals and outcomes, and follow by aligning KPIs to ensure our approach delivers intended ROIs.


Once deployed, our content’s data is always trackable and the results are transparent. We ensure that you understand the efficacy of your digital deployment and are able to make quick, impactful modifications as needed.


Our place-based immersion method provides an interactive experience that boosts brand loyalty and delivers a path to action, ultimately driving results.


We’re efficient because we don’t reinvent the wheel. Our designs are scalable to meet the needs of large and small networks.


We deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right audience. This sensitivity is the key to our impact and success.

AVATAR-PLUS – SMART CONTENT is a creative consulting group that provides start-to-finish delivery on digital marketing, branding, and advertising campaigns. Our dynamic, experiential, and immersive content strategy offers a unique, full-spectrum targeting method. We direct every step in your content creation—from implementing a goal-specific development system, to managing creative design and production, to consulting on innovative technologies. This hands-on approach enables the desired experience and ensures powerful, measurable results.

Our Approach

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Every digital deployment is initiated with a clear blueprint. We work by identifying your desired outcomes and the specific goals that will lead you there; then we use those guides to align KPIs. This approach ensures delivery of intended ROIs.

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Our innovative and creative design team will transform your ideas into full-form, effective immersion experiences. From concept, to storyboarding, to script development, we execute each phase of the creative process in-house, so your project is met with efficiency and vision.

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Once our team has engineered an effective strategy and compelling design, we align with our partners to bring in the right technology for the most dynamic experience. Our delivery is results-driven to yield optimal outcomes.

Our Solutions

We initiate our process with strategic development, follow with creative design and production, and conclude with consultation on innovative technologies. During this final phase, we align with several hand-selected strategic partners to deploy and enable the desired experience (including CMS, analytics, displays, and other software applications). That said, we are technology agnostic, and can easily accommodate any preferred partners you bring to the table.

  • Full Service Production
  • 360 video
  • AR/VR
  • Realtime data analytics
  • Programmatic advertising platform
  • Architectural visualization
  • Real time fly throughs
  • Branding
  • Web design and development

About The Avatar Team

Our Team

We are a seasoned team of industry experts who share 30+ cumulative years in strategy, design, production, and technology. United in a passion for compelling storytelling, we push beyond creative media’s traditional models of branding, advertising, and digital out-of-home. The result is experiential, place-based content that generates connection, impact and drive.






VP, Innovative Technology



Business Development

Our Partners

Though we maintain a technology agnostic philosophy, we have identified a team of cutting edge, innovative partners whose input has consistently contributed to successful outcomes.

  • Working with others to realize their creative vision is my passion.  I partner with our clients from beginning to end, offering support in a full suite of services, from strategy, to design and production, to implementation. My aim is to execute a dynamic, successful, and impactful campaign through innovation and collaboration.” —Missy Lewis

  • Motion design and editing have been my passion for over a decade. Underlying all the work I do is a drive to expand expectations of video media, to have a lasting, powerful impact on my audience and redefine their relationship with the visual experience.” —Jack Larson

  • I love utilizing motion graphics to deliver targeted messages through animation, design, and video editing. I prep each project by fully evaluating the audience demographic, viewing location, and engagement level to create effective, emotionally impactful storytelling.” —Ben Mendez